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ABOUT Mia hall

Mia Hall is a  reputable leader in information technology with a successful history of web development, business systems management, and business systems integration.

The Mia Hall Mgmt team is an expert in the identification, analysis, and resolution of a plethora of tech issues, and capable of producing solutions and systems above and beyond client expectations.

Mia Hall Mgmt specializes in:​​​

  • Information Technology

  • Web Development

  • Business ​Systems Integration

  • eCommerce Solutions

MHM Solutions Partners & Affiliates:

"I have been a techie since elementary school. 

I have over 40 years of information technology experience and education.

I strongly believe in bridging the digital divide.

Technology can empower businesses that support minority communities, not just individuals.

I’m creating a ripple effect from the family,

for the black community,

and the entire country."

- Mia Hall

Podcast "Let's Talk About Tech"



  • Business Systems Analysis

  • Web Design, Social Media & SEO

  • On call tech support

  • Get 20% Your 1st Year of Google G-Suite

  • Introductory Call to discuss your problems and MHM possible solutions.

  • eCommerce solutions for selling products and services online.

  • Ask Your business management and technology questions.


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